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Friday, July 27, 2012

Could it be true?



 Published 2 days ago
When it comes to lashes you can bet the Beautylish team has tried it all. Extensions, falsies, two rows of falsies, hundreds of mascara formulations...you name it, it’s been on our lids. So when Too Faced’s new Better Than False Lashes mascara came across our desks, we had to try it. The innovative system is comprised of two products and three steps (all easy, we promise!). The Activating Top and Base Coat is first used to coat the lashes with an adhesive base (it looks like regular black mascara), then, the magic happens. Unwind the Nylon False Lashes tube and the wand looks like it’s covered in spider webs, but stroke it on and you’ve instantly got double the lash length, double the volume, and a mouth gaping wide in amazement. Follow with the Activating Top and Base Coat and boom—bombshell eyes.

Friday, February 3, 2012


What a great and unique opportunity this shoot was. I always look forward to working with Bryce Johnson. He had told me exactly what look he was going for and this was out of my comfort zone since it was a new look but boy am I glad that I went for it. We KILLED it.. 
It is all about more experience, meeting amazing people, and building my clientele and portfolio. Thank you to Jana for being beautiful and fun to work with along with Bryce! Can't wait for the next shoot!

Check out Bryce's talent at: http://www.brycejohnsonphotography.com/

Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Olay Pro X Advanced Cleaning System

Product: Olay Pro X Advanced Cleaning System
Average Price: Anywhere between $25.00-$30.00.

Purchase @: Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreen's, etc..

Personal Experience: I've always struggled with oily t-zone but then a dry flaky nose that really shows when I attempt to put foundation on my face. I also have started to notice my pores on my face actually start to expand! So as the weather changed and it became Fall, my face got worse. I would try all different kinds of exfoliators and it never really helped much. I talked to my cousin that told me about the Clarisonic electric face brush (which is described below). She raved about it, but when I looked into this brush I realized the expense. After some time I started reviewing other options and eventually purchased the Olay Pro X brush. It comes with a 1 ounce facial cleaner trial. Also the brush was small and lightweight and also water proof, so if you wanted to leave it in the shower you could do so. I was worried that it would be so powerful and irritate my skin, but to my surprise it is soft and delicate yet has enough power to do the job.I feel it cleaning deep into my pores at the same time as it exfoliating the dry nose problem. Truthfully, I love to use it. I actually look really forward to using it, so much that I started forcing my husband to let me use it on him! The only concern I have is how long it will last. So this product definitely is a winner in my book of beauty products, if it doesn't last long you will be the first to know!

Related to: Clarisonic electronic facial brush (I have never tried this before).

Average Price: $120.00-$170.00
Purchase @: Sephora or online.

Drumroll please.... I give Olay Pro X Advanced Cleaning System Brush:


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Eyebrows can make or break your face. Period. Your eyebrows are a great first place to start with giving yourself a mini makeover and nice lift. Maintenance is the key. I am absolutely guilty to over-tweezing and the hardest thing to do for me is to let them grow back and not touch them while they are growing in all sorts of crazy places- however it is very important to let them grow back to their natural arch before you start tweezing away again.
The first thing I do when I have an appointment with a client is look at their brows. If I have to tweeze, I tweeze (sad when a tear starts falling down the side of their face), or if I have to fill in the sparse areas, I also do that. It's a vital step in the makeup process.

  • Below is classic example of over- tweezing and not letting your brows be the length they should. Yikes:

  • This is a GOOD example of the way your brow should be in dimension with your face:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ding Ding, we got a winner.

I was watching some tube the other night and caught a clip of Ashley, this season's Bachelorette. At the very end of the latest episode I noticed a change in her normal makeup.. I loved it. Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact clip or image to show my readers, but I came across this pic which I also loved. This picture above is a beautiful natural look for her. Lots of brown tones and looks super refreshing... however on last Monday's episode at the end, it was more of a dramatic eye and I loved it. It looked like a dark color all over her lid, more smokey. I think she looks beautiful without any makeup on as well. Whoever does her makeup, I like her style. So she is my chosen one this month... 
ps.. she is totally choosing JP. What is your thoughts?? :)

Monday, June 27, 2011


Do you really know how to put on your blush? Or do you just guess and put a blob of blush on your cheek? It's so important to know how to make it work for your face shape. It's amazing what good blush techniques can do for your features! Check out the link below for Mirabella's video tutorials on your specific face shape and structure!

Mirabella Beauty You Tube